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A strong Memory Concentration imagination and a strong will is required to Become a Great Chess Player (Booby Fischer)


Sm chess academy is offering chess classes to enthusiastic chess lovers.



Respected parents:  we teach theoretical chess but the game itself teaches analytical thinking, concentration, patience, creativity, discipline, logic, digesting a defeat plan in preparation and as well as qualities of sports. The SM CHESS ACADEMY is dedicated to train chess players with a strategical way in various places of twin cities.
  SM CHESS ACADEMY is offering chess classes in Hyderabad  



We believe that as our students progress in chess they will also progress in school and in become wonderful, unique human beings Wishing you a life in balance Sm chess coaching center director G. Ravi sankar.

to join for queries about chess classes email to
9985565447 ravisankarchess@gmail.com or ravisankarchess@ymail.com