Concentrate on material gains. Whatever your opponent gives you take, unless you see a good reason not to.

Sm chess academy is offering chess classes to enthusiastic chess lovers.

SM CHESS ACADEMY is offering chess classes in Hyderabad. 


1. Home chess classes (our chess trainer will come to teach chess in their own nest)our trainers will come And teach chess at your house with the aid of chess books .chess softwares And special care will be taken with individual coaching


2. Group chess classes

in the group classes we teach chess in your communities(Apartments) (schools)

In the group classes we teach on demo boards so as to reach all the students

Inter group competitions well be held  regularly and prizes will be given to the winners 

3. On line chess classes
SM chess academy innovative online chess coaching programs guarantee your progress as a better player and this result is measurable from higher rating and performance in tournaments. Our students have won numerous prizes in local, State and National level tournaments in India. And also, at local and international Level chess tournaments at California. Texas, New York

Our personalized approach to learning Chess builds the skills, habits and attitudes your child needs to experience success now, and for years to come.

We've carefully designed our online learning programs so that every student benefit from this opportunity. Individualized instruction, supplemented by independent learning, is the key to helping your child build confidence, stay motivated and experience success!

We aim to make our online program as convenient, flexible and affordable as possible for your family. It's an easy way to get help for your child that's convenient for both of you. This online learning experience will exceed your expectations.

Student and teacher work in real time and talk to each other throughout the entire lesson. This allows students to ask questions and get instant feedback and encouragement.

Individual Attention

Online Training might be right for you if:

  • The commute to your local chess club is too far to drive
  • Your family is over-scheduled already

Our Online training help students increase the possibility to win more games by developing their strategy thinking, explore new openings and tactics; learn to avoid the destructive traps of their opponents, to obtaining good positions at the start of every game which would offer benefits and first-hand advantage over the opponents. They will also learn good middle game tactics like forking, skewering, pinning, and discovered attacks which will, usually, gain an advantage to move to the end games.


Sm chess academy online Chess Training is affordable because it saves a lot of time in travel.


G Ravisankar the founder of SM chess academy along with other coaches G.Srinivas Rao who have wide experience in training students from different countries, different playing standards and different age groups. We follow a planned training program designed to help students learn faster.

4. Chess coaching at local academies.

Our Trainers Teach Chess at our Local acadamies ( Different Places in hyderabad)

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